Antonio León

Dr. Antonio Leon graduated from the Cali Dental College in 2002, he began his private practice in comprehensive dentistry. Starting in 2005, he began his practice focused on the aesthetic area, parallel to his studies at New York University, where masters of the art of cosmetic dentistry disseminated the most notable techniques, images, and comments in this field.

In 2006 seeing the need of many patients to improve the appearance of the lips, he learned the management of hyaluronic acid with the RESTYLANE brand, later serving as a speaker for the dissemination of the products and use of said brand. His exclusive private practice in dental cosmetics was attracting many local and foreign people who saw an impressive smile in the patients the doctor treated.

In 2013 he joins the beauty committee, to perfect the smiles of the contestants in the regional beauty pageant.

As of 2019 he begins to manage the digital and robotic system of CEREC SIRONA. He allows ceramic restorations, crowns, bridges and sheets with natural appearance to be carried out in the office, with precision and speed with the details that pervade his own hand.

Now Dr. León is recognized locally and abroad as one of the best Cosmetic Dentists, being very conservative, detailed and neat when performing his procedures.


Fun facts about Dr. León:

  • He obtained the Honorable Mention of the Colombian Dental College 2002.
  • He was elected as student council president, having obtained the best score in the university.
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