Antonio León

Dr. Antonio Leon is a graduate of the Dental College of Cali in 2002, he began his private practice in comprehensive dentistry. Starting in 2005, the practice begins focused on the Aesthetic area parallel to the studies at the University of New York where masters of the art of cosmetic dentistry, spread the techniques, images and comments more remarkable in this field.

In 2006, seeing the need of many patients to improve the appearance of the lips, he learned the management of hyaluronic acid with the brand RESTYLANE, served later as a speaker for the dissemination of the products and use of that brand. His exclusive private practice in dental cosmetics was attracting many local and foreign people who saw in the patients who attended the doctor, a shocking smile.

Always with the intention of creating beauty in the smiles; introduced the DENTAL PERFECTION as a new conservative and beautifying alternative, maintaining the structure of the teeth and the health of the gums.

Its contemporary spaces maintain a different attention, focused on the welfare of patients and visitors, changing the paradigm of the visit to the dentist.

In 2011 he was the winner in the category "BEST WESTERN DENTISTRY" in the V delivery of the PRIZES OF FASHION AND TALENT VALLECAUCANO.

For 4 years, the beauty committee COMBELLEZA has trusted Dr. Antonio Leon to perfect the smiles of the most beautiful women of the Valle del Cauca, among them Tania Valencia (candidate in 2013), Nathaly Rojas (candidate in the 2014), Julieth Guerrero (candidate in 2015), French Calero (candidate in 2016), this group is joined by ex-candidates like Lucia Aldana, Melina Ramírez and among others.

Now Dr. Leon is recognized locally and abroad as one of the best Aesthetic Dentists being very conservative, meticulous and neat when performing his procedures.

Fun fact of Dr. Leon:

  • He received the Honorable Mention of the Colombian Dental College 2002.
  • President of the Student College, which was chosen for having the best score of the university.
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